A Joyful Guide to Romanian Social Etiquette and Customs


In Romania, society embraces a sense of hierarchy where age and position are respected, but it’s not all seriousness! Older individuals are highly esteemed for their wisdom and life experience, making them valued members of the community. It’s expected that the oldest person in the group makes decisions, but everyone’s opinions count! The use of titles is significant and shows respect, but once you get close, you can drop the formality and use first names.


Romanians love to greet with warmth and friendliness! Handshakes are firm, and direct eye contact is a sign of sincerity. Embrace close friends with hugs and kisses on the cheek, and if you forget which side to start with, don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! Use the respectful titles “Domnul” for Mr. and “Doamna” for Mrs., and once you’re friends, feel free to address them by their first names. Just remember, personal space is appreciated, so avoid being overly touchy with acquaintances!

Business and Immigration

Conducting business in Romania might involve a bit of bureaucracy, but don't let that dampen your spirits! Patience and persistence are key to navigating the system. Embrace the adventure, and once you're part of the community, you'll be welcomed with open arms!


In Romania, family is the heart of social structure, and it's a source of support and social connections. Patriarchy still plays a role, but it's all about balance and unity in the end!


Remember those titles, but don't be shy to drop the formalities with close friends and family - it's all about building genuine connections! In Romania, the blend of tradition and friendliness creates a beautiful tapestry of culture and customs. So, embrace the warmth, get ready for wonderful conversations, and enjoy the journey in this vibrant and welcoming country!

Socializing and Breaking the Ice

Romanians may seem reserved at first, but once you crack their shell, they’re full of warmth and hospitality! Building trust may take time, but once you have it, you’re in for delightful conversations and friendships. Maintain direct eye contact to show attentiveness, and please, no turning away while someone is speaking – it might come across as disinterest! When it comes to social gatherings, enjoy a glass of alcohol, but remember to pace yourself! Smoking indoors is a no-go, though, so take your cigarette break outside!

Gifts and Meals

Meeting someone for dinner? Bring a thoughtful gift, like flowers or a bottle of wine – it’s a sweet gesture! Romanian homes are treasured, so gifts are appreciated and opened immediately. Oh, and it’s polite to initially decline a gift, but once the giver insists, go ahead and accept it! When dining, follow continental table manners, and don’t forget to remove your shoes upon entering Romanian homes – it’s a cultural tradition. Also, be prepared for second servings – it’s a sign of hospitality, but don’t worry; it’s okay to refuse politely!


Culture and Society

Romanians are friendly and open-hearted people! Breaking the language barrier might lead to heartwarming encounters, and finding impromptu drinking buddies is easy! Their superstitions add some charm to their culture – just be mindful of the cat crossing your path! Romanian folklore is filled with myths and tales, adding a touch of enchantment to the experience!