A Strong and Stable Relationship

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The European Union and Romania have maintained close and enduring ties for over 15 years. Romania joined the EU in 2007, following a lengthy accession process that allowed the country to align with the standards and values of the Union. This accession marked a major turning point in Romania’s history, paving the way for deeper economic, political, and social integration with the rest of Europe.

Over the years, the relationship between Romania and the EU has steadily strengthened. Romania has actively participated in EU projects and initiatives, thereby contributing to the development and prosperity of the Union. In return, the EU has provided significant support to Romania, including through funding and technical assistance programs.

Today, Romania is an active and committed member of the EU. The country fully participates in the Union’s decision-making processes and has emerged as a significant player in several areas, such as security, defense, and foreign policy.

Economic relations between Romania and the EU are particularly strong. The EU is Romania’s largest trading partner, accounting for over 70% of its trade. Romania has benefited from the advantages of the European single market, which has allowed its businesses to access new markets and stimulate economic growth.

The EU has also played a significant role in Romania’s development. European structural and investment funds have helped finance infrastructure, education, research, and innovation projects across the country. These investments have improved the quality of life for Romanian citizens and strengthened the competitiveness of the Romanian economy.

The relationship between Romania and the EU is based on common values such as democracy, the rule of law, and respect for human rights. The EU is committed to supporting Romania in its efforts to strengthen its democratic institutions and combat corruption.

The future prospects for the relationship between Romania and the EU are very positive. Romania is a dynamic and growing country with great potential to offer foreign investors. The EU will continue to support Romania in its development and modernization efforts.

In conclusion, the relationship between Romania and the EU is strong and stable. This relationship is based on common interests, shared values, and a common vision for the future. Romania is a valuable member of the EU, and the EU will continue to support the development and prosperity of Romania.

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