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The Romanian real estate market is booming. After a period of crisis, it has experienced significant growth in recent years, attracting numerous foreign investors. Several factors make Romania an attractive destination for real estate investment:

1. Attractive Prices: The price of real estate in Romania is still relatively low compared to other European countries. It is possible to find apartments at prices below €100,000 in cities like Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, or Timișoara.

2. Significant Development Potential: The Romanian economy is experiencing rapid growth, and the country is undergoing modernization. Numerous urban development projects are underway, which should lead to an increase in demand for real estate.

3. Urban Renewal Programs: The Romanian government has implemented urban renewal programs to improve the quality of life in cities. These programs have led to the renovation of many old buildings, contributing to the increase in the value of real estate.

4. Favorable Taxation: Real estate taxation in Romania is relatively advantageous. The capital gains tax rate is 16%, and there is no wealth tax.

5. Strong Rental Demand: Rental demand is high in Romania, especially in major cities. The vacancy rate is very low, and rents are constantly increasing.

Investing in real estate in Romania offers many advantages:

  • Low Initial Investment
  • High Rental Yield Potential
  • Significant Long-Term Appreciation
  • Favorable Taxation
  • Pleasant Living Environment

How to Invest in Real Estate in Romania?

There are several ways to invest in real estate in Romania:

  • Buying an apartment or house for rental
  • Investing in an urban renewal program
  • Buying shares in a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)

Before investing, it is important to thoroughly research the Romanian real estate market and choose a property in good condition and located in an attractive neighborhood. It is also important to seek assistance from a real estate professional.


Investing in real estate in Romania is an opportunity not to be missed for investors seeking high rental yields and significant long-term appreciation. The Romanian real estate market is growing, and the country offers many advantages to foreign investors.

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