A Cultural Mosaic at the Heart of Europe



Romania is located in Southeastern Europe, bordered by Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Serbia and Montenegro, and Ukraine. Its capital is Bucharest, often referred to as the “Little Paris” due to its elegant architecture, vibrant nightlife, and museums.

Population and Ethnic Diversity

With a population of over 19 million people, Romania is characterized by ethnic diversity. Romanians make up 88.9% of the population, followed by Hungarians (6.5%), Roma (3.3%), Ukrainians (0.2%), Germans (0.2%), Turks (0.2%), and other groups (0.7%). Transylvania is a true melting pot, hosting Romanians, Hungarians, and Saxons of German origin.

Religion and Beliefs

The Eastern Orthodox Church predominates in Romania, comprising around 81% of the population. There are also Protestants (6.2%), Catholics (5.1%), and other faiths (7.7%). While militant atheism is on the rise among the youth, the Orthodox Christian belief remains deeply rooted in Romanian society.


Etiquette and Customs


Romanians are warm and enjoy conversing. Before delving into business matters, expect to discuss family welfare, recent travels, or interesting events. Personal relationships are valued in Romania, so taking the time to develop strong connections with your business partners can be beneficial for your endeavors.

Keeping in mind this cultural mosaic, entrepreneurs can adapt and succeed in this country where diversity, respect, and human relationships play a key role in business interactions.


Romanian is the official language, spoken by approximately 90% of the population. Hungarian is spoken by around 7% of the people, mainly in Transylvania, while German is spoken by about 1.5%, a legacy of the former Saxon towns. Russian, a vestige of the past, is understood by many elderly individuals.